The following is a list of the changes I've been making since the current release. Because I will be updating the wiki as I make these changes, some info on the wiki may be wrong to the current release. So, if you check something on the wiki that isn't true in the hack itself, you should be able to find an explanation here.

  • I've changed Velvim, Shadim and Grimpire from being all pure Dark-type Pokémon to now be dual-typed Dark/Fairy Pokémon. This is, as of now, the only change made to that evolution line.
  • The move Volt Whip has been replaced by Whiplash, a Fighting-type move with +1 priority, a base power of 40 and a 75% chance to paralyze. This move is exclusive to the Punitric line, even though Joltoa was previously able to learn Volt Whip through breeding. (which was actually impossible in hindsight, since Punitric and Galvinja were the only other ones able to learn it, and they don't share egg groups...)
  • NEW POKÈMON ADDED. I've added three new Pokémon, Digibit, Capupa and Vesbit, a three-stage Digital/Bug evolution line. These will eventually replace the Glarim encounters (fake Pokéball encounters, eg. Voltorb) in New Mauville, as soon as I figure out how to do that. Digibit are now encountered instead of Glarim as "fake items" in New Mauville.
  • Small change: did some editing to the sprite positioning in the battle screen, so that no sprites "hover" weirdly anymore, and everyone appears to be standing on the same ground in double battles.

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